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I love these oils and am glad that I was introduced to them. I have tried out many different companies and finally settled for YLEO, as they are unadulterated, safe to use internally, are pure, the plants are grown locally and overseas, the company cares a lot about their product, and offers a great wealth of information and support to its distributors and customers alike. These oils are a bit more pricey but I know that I am getting high quality oils. To and for me, they are the best oils on the market. And, the better the quality of the oil, the less oil you will need to use in your creams in order for the scent and property to come through.

If you are in doubt that what you find on the market may not be pure essential oils, you may want to check out Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO). Please visit the following website: Young Living Essential Oils

If you have any questions regarding the YLEOs, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. You may already know somebody who is a distributor or you have a store in your neighborhood that you know sells Young Living Essential Oils. 

am an Independent Distributor and you can check out recommended products or search for the entire line hereCheck out the Young Living Sign-Up Options below.


How do I get Young Living Essential Oils?


You can either find Young Living Essential Oils in a store near you or you can order the oils online. You have three different online options: 


1) Customer

This option allows you to order all products to the retail price; you will not accrue any points that later can be redeemed for free products, and you are not bound to any specific order amount. No strings attached.

I started out ordering as a "Customer" until I realized that I needed more and more oils. I then opted for the Independent Distributor where you can purchase the oils to a discount prize.  


2) Preferred Customer

This option allows you to collect points that can be redeemed for free products. You would have to have a minimum purchase amount of USD 50.00 per month through the automatic shipment program. Automatic shipment does not mean that you have to get the same oil every month but it means that as long as you change the product order, it will be shipped to you on a prearranged date every month. Let’s say that in January, you would like to get 2 Lavender Oils. These oils will be shipped to you on the prearranged date, e.g. every 1st of the month. Since these oils last you now for a while, you would like to have something different for February. So, you change the order for February to e.g. Thieves products or Orange Oil. That means now that on February 1st, the new product will be shipped to you.


3) Independent Distributor

This option allows you to purchase the Essential Oils and other products to the wholesale price, which brings the price of the essential oils down dramatically. You have to purchase a Start Living Kit for USD 40.00 (one time only!!) and from there on, have to purchase products for USD 50.00 per year. You can also sign up for the automatic shipment program and accrue points that later can be redeemed for free products. Don’t shy away from this option only because it sounds like a pyramid system. It is a pyramid system but you do not have to sell if you do not want to. I personally do not sell any of the oils (just can’t get passed the boundary of selling to family and friends) but I use the products in all my creams and the oils and products make lovely gifts as well.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding signing up, I am more than happy to answer your e-mails or talk to you. 


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