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While there are many great companies that sell products, I tend to look for those who sell organic ingredients.

As for the Essential Oils, personally I only use Young Living Essential Oils but there are other companies that sell Essential Oils. However, be careful to only use therapeutic grade or 100% pure essential oils for your body products! Check with the company about the quality of the essential oil prior to your purchase. 

I find there is no sense in making your own body product without preservatives only to include ingredients that may be treated with pesticides or essential oils that are diluted with a base oil or are of low quality.  

Below is a list of some companies that came either recommended out of the books that I used or the Saponifier Magazine (for soap making -- a section on that will be coming soon) or that I used myself to order supplies from:
Essential Oils
Flower Essences
Since I am living in the US but you may not live in the US, here are some keywords that I can recommend for your search:

•    Organic carrier oil

•    Base oils for cream making

•    Therapeutic grade essential oils 

•    Flower Essences

•    Bach Flower Essences 

When using these keywords, you will find websites that carry most of the ingredients you need to start making your creams, including essential oils but like I mentioned, please be careful to get a good quality essential oil.


I love these oils and am glad that I was introduced to them. I have tried out many different companies and finally settled for Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO), as they are unadulterated, safe to use internally, are pure, and the plants are grown locally and overseas under supervision of Gary Young. The company cares a lot about their product and offers a great wealth of information and support to its distributors and customers alike.

As for the price, I compared several companies and found that all therapeutic grade essential oils or 100% pure essential oils cost just about the same. The better the quality of the oil, the less oil you will need to use in your creams in order for the scent and property to come through.

If you are in doubt that what you find on the market may not be pure essential oils, you may want to check out YLEO. Please visit the following website: Young Living Essential Oils

If you have any questions regarding the YLEOs, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. You may already know somebody who is a distributor or you have a store in your neighborhood that you know sells Young Living Essential Oils. 

I am an Independent Distributor and you can check out recommended products or search for the entire line here. If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils please read on, as I will explain the companies purchase options:

1) Customer

This option allows you to order all products to the retail price; you will not accrue any points that later can be redeemed for free products, and you are not bound to any specific order amount. No strings attached.

I started out ordering as a "Customer" until I realized that I needed more and more oils. I then opted for the Independent Distributor where you can purchase the oils to a discount prize.  

2) Independent Distributor

This option allows you to purchase the Essential Oils and other products to the wholesale price, which brings the price of the essential oils down dramatically. You have to purchase a Start Living Kit for USD 40.00 (one time only!!) (read below what is included in the Start Living Kit) and from there on, you only have to purchase products for USD 50.00 per year (that is three (3) bottle os Essential Oils per year). 

The Independent Distributor option also allows you to sign up for the automatic shipment program. In this program, you accrue points that later can be redeemed for FREE products!

How can you go wrong?! 

3 bottles of Essential Oils per year for the price of 2 bottles if you were to buy retail PLUS FREE products?!

You do not have to sell any products if you don't want to. However, you can :) If you want to, you can earn commission as well!

Let's go over this again: Let's say you are used to purchasing 2 bottles of Lavender Oil per year... That's $27.30 each bottle (retail price if you buy a high quality oil). As Independent Distributor you would only pay $20.75 per bottle (wholesale price). Now that's a whopping $6.55 price difference per bottle! If you were to purchase 2 bottles, that would come out to: $54.60 (retail) vs. $41.50 (wholesale). With the $13.10 that you just saved purchasing wholesale vs retail, you can get another product, e.g. Orange Essential Oil. Now you have 3 bottles of Essential Oils that you purchase within 1 year vs 2 bottles of Essential Oils were you to buy retail. 

Bottom Line: You get more products for your money if you are an Independent Distributor PLUS FREE products PLUS you can earn commission if you want to. The last 2 are completely optional!!! 

You can sign up here to become a member (my enrolled and sponsor ID is 1017600) or if you have any questions or concerns regarding signing up, I am more than happy to answer your e-mails or talk to you. 

Start Living Kit Includes:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Diffuser Coupon 
  • Products: 5ml Lavender Essential Oil, 5ml Peppermint Essential Oil, 3 NingXia Red Singles
  • 4 Brochures: Start Living, Essential Rewards, Restore your Core, 5-day Nutritive Cleanse
  • 4 Booklets: Thieves, Everyday Oils, Essential Oils User's Guide, Creating Abundance
  • Product Guide
  • Policies & Procedures
  • 3 Flyers: Compensation Plan, Team Performance, Essential Rewards
  • 3 Distributor Application / Agreement
  • 3 Customer Forms
  • DVDs: NingXia Red, Gold of the Ages, Start Living

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