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Making your own body products is simple when you have the right utensils and ingredients. You can make your creams right in your own kitchen on your stove and if you are like me, then you like to keep it simple. All you need is some time and a little creativity. You may even have most of the utensils in your kitchen already so look around if you find any.



If not, you can also improvise with whatever you have at hand in order to save some money. To the right is a list of utensils that I recommend but that are not really necessary. Below is a list of ingredient, which are explained in greater detail in these links: Oils & Butters, Emulsifiers & Waxes, Essential Oils & History, or Flower Essences.


Utensils needed

pot or pan large or rather wide enough to put the glass containers in such as a pan

 Measuring spoons (you can use any regular spoon just as well)

Pyrex glass containers (2) a smaller one in which you heat up the liquid (water) and a larger one in which you will heat up the oils and the thickeners and once they are melted and reached a certain temperature, you pour the liquid into. Any glass container that can be heated in water will do!

Hand-held mixer (if your Pyrex container is too small for both beaters, just use one; works just as well)

Popsicle sticks (not really a necessity but practical to stir the oil and the liquid)

Sterilized jars to fill your creams in. I like to use colored glass jars as they not only look pretty and make wonderful gifts but also keep the content from spoiling faster.

Candy thermometer  (not really necessary in the beginning)

✔ A good scale that weighs in at least as little as 2 gram increments; the smaller the increments, the better and easier for you to use. I recommend a scale that measures in the metric system, as the amount to be measured can be much smaller. There are books on the market that show you creams and how to make them with the use of measuring cups in case you are not able to purchase a scale. Unfortunately, the recipe that I follow uses a metric scale.


Besides the above mentioned kitchen utensils, you will now need the various ingredients that you need to make the cream:

Base Oils such as Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oils etc.

Stabilizers / Thickeners / Emulsifiers / Waxes such as beeswax, vegetable emulsifying wax, xanthan gum

Butters such as mango or shea butter

Essential Oils to add scent to your cream and enhance well-being

Flower Essences (optional) 


For information on the individual ingredients, go to either "Oils & Butters," "Emulsifiers & Waxes," "Flower Essences," "Essential Oils A-L," or "Essential Oils M-Z"

For information as to where to get the ingredients, go to "Get the stuff"

For information how to mix what and when together. go to "Making Your Own Cream


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