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Below are Oils and Butters that are most commonly used in natural and homemade body-creams and lotions. I use a variation of oils in each cream and lotion that I make, depending on the type of cream or lotion, e.g. facial, hand, feet, or body cream or lotion... 

In order to find out how to use them in your cream or lotion making, please refer to In the Kitchen or to the Resources section for more recipes. Or, if you wish to purchase a homemade cream, please see Lavenora's Apothecary



❀ Almond Oil

Latin Name: Amlica embilicus

Skin Type: Great for all skin types especially for sensitive skin types

Properties:Relieves dry skin, itching, & soreness; it is said that this oil has healing properties, as it is soothing as well as nourishing, softening, and revitalizing the skin. Good skin lubricant. Contains olein glyceride linoleic acid, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Great carrier oils for massage therapy.

Texture:Heavier than other oils; may stain fabric if used in huge quantities such as in massage therapy.

Color: Pale yellow and may  have a slightly nutty odor
Storage/ Shelf-Life: Store in a cool and dark place
Quantity in Cream Making: 100%

Note: Easy to be confused with Bitter Almond Essential Oil, which may cause hydrocyanic acid poisoning.

❀ Apricot Kernel Oil

Latin Name: Prunus Armeniaca
Skin Type:
 Great for all skin types especially for sensitive, dry, mature, or dehydrated skin.
Properties: Good for eczema as it has skin regeneration properties. Good to use for facial creams.
Texture: Light; easy absorption hence also good for massage therapy
Color: Pale yellow

Storage/ Shelf-Life: Refrigerate after opening
Quantity in Cream Making: 100% but best if mixed

❀ Borage Seed Oil

Latin Name: Borago officinalis
Skin Types:
 Good for all skin types especially for dry, mature skin.
 It is thought of as skin rejuvenator, as it is high in gamma-lenoleic acid, which is a fatty acid. Good to use for sun damaged skin, eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis.
 Heavier then e.g. Apricot Kernel Oil
 Yellow with a hue of green
Storage/Shelf Life:
 3-6 month, keep refrigerated
Quantity in Cream Making:
 not more than 10%



❀ Coconut Oil / Butter (Virgin)

Latin Name: Cocos nucifera
Skin Type:
 All skin types
 Adds  a creamy texture; absorbs easily
 Liquid but becomes semi-solid at room temperature
 Clear but becomes white when solid
Storage/Shelf Life: store in a cool dark place; long shelf-life

Quantity in Cream Making:
 100% if it is Virgin; up to 50% if it is refined
Virgin Coconut Oil has the sweet scent of coconuts. Therefore, it is very overpowering and any additional essential oils might not come through in their scent.


❀ Evening Primrose Oil

Latin Name: Oenothera biennis
Skin Type: good for troubled skin
Properties: It’s high amount of gamma linoleic acid makes it a good oil to maintain healthy cell function. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
Texture: Liquid that should not be heated
Color: yellow
Storage/Shelf Life: 6 month, keep refrigerated
Quantity in Cream Making: Use not more than 5% 

❀ Hemp Seed Oil

Latin Name: Cannabis sativa
Skin Type: good for all skin types especially for troubled or dry skin.
Properties: Contains anti-oxidants, is high in Essential Fatty Acids, and contains many minerals. Anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, rejuvenating, moisturizing.
Texture: non-greasy, easy absorption
Color: dark green   
Storage/ Shelf-Life: keep refrigerated, 8 month
Quantity in Cream Making: use up to 15%

❀ Jojoba Oil

Latin Name: Simmondsia Chinesis
Skin Type: good for all skin types; great for mature, ageing skin; good for facial and body creams
Properties: rich in Vitamin E, similar to sebum hence good absorption
Texture: liquid, light
Color: light yellow
Storage/Shelf Life: long shelf life, if refrigerated, oil hardens so take it out 2-3 hours prior to using it
Quantity in Cream Making: use up to 25%

❀ Rosehip Seed Oil

Latin Name: Rosa rubiginosa
Skin Type: good for dry skin
Properties: high in gamma-linolenic acid and vitamin C; good for skin regeneration
Texture: light texture
Color: very pale yellow oil
Storage/Shelf Life: keep refrigerated; goes rancid rather quickly
Quantity in Cream Making: use up to 5 – 10%

❀ Vitamin E Oil

Skin Type: good for all skin types
Properties: healing qualities, antioxidant and preservative, it helps eradicate free radicals from the skin
Storage/Shelf Life: keep refrigerated; goes rancid rather quickly; purchase in small quantity
Quantity in Cream Making: use up to 5%



❀ Mango Butter

Skin Type: good for all skin types
Properties: moisturizing
Storage/Shelf Life: keep refrigerated
Quantity in Cream Making: use up to 50% of your Oil base

❀ Shea Butter

Skin Type: good for all skin types
moisturizes, nourishes, softens skin; used in creams or as lipstick base
milder, creamier than cocoa butter
Storage/Shelf Life: 
keep refrigerated
Quantity in Cream Making: 
use up to 50% of your Oil base


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