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Latin NameCitrus aurantium
Aromaorangy, bitter-sweet floral
Extraction Method
Actionantidepressant, sedative, relaxing, hypnotic, antiseptic, antispasmodic
Skin Care
good for all skin type
Mental & Emotionalused for insomnia
Medical Propertiesrelieves muscular spasms, digestion


Latin NameCitrus sinensis
AromaSweet citrus aroma
Extraction Method
Antidepressant, antioxidant
Skin Care
Good for cell regeneration
Mental & EmotionalCalming
Medical PropertiesGood for removing grease or gooey residues
Test on small area first as it can discolor finishes; photosensitivity


Latin NamePogostemon cablin
Aromaearthly, musky, strong, spicy, exotic
Extraction Method
general tonic, diuretic, aphrodisiac
Skin Care
Good for wrinkled or chapped skin, used for cellulite                     
Mental & EmotionalRelease negative emotions
Protects clothes from moths 


Latin NameMentha piperita
AromaHerbaceous, piercing, minty
Extraction Method 
Skin Care 
Mental & EmotionalImproves concentration
Medical PropertiesGood for tired legs or feet, relief for muscle pain, lumbago, joint pains    digestive aid, relief for nausea, travel sickness

Keep away from eyes, irritated skin, and mucous membranes, avoid during pregnancy,  while nursing, and when taking homeopathic remedy


Latin NameRosmarinus officinalis
AromaHerbaceous, camphoraceous, strong, medicinal aroma
Extraction Method 
Action                                     Antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, antirheumatic, antispasmodic
Skin Care
Mental & EmotionalEnergizing, uplifting
Medical PropertiesGood for hair treatment, good for tired feet or legs, may lower high blood sugar; tonic for liver and gall bladder       
Svoid during pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or when taking homeopathic remedies


Latin NameAniba rosaeodora
Aromawoody, floral
Extraction Method 
antiseptic, insecticide
Skin Care
good for skin care products
Mental & Emotionalcomforting, soothing, balancing, refreshing                                   
Medical Properties 


Latin NameSantalum album 
Aromasweet, warm, woody, exotic
antiseptic, astringent, antispasmodic, expectorant, diuretic
Skin Care
relief for dry skin, itching, inflammation, rash
Mental & Emotionaluplifting, relaxing, aphrodisiac, sedative
Medical           Properties              good for arthritic conditions, muscle injuries, good for chest infections, sore throat                                                                      

   Tea Tree

Latin NameMelaleuca alternifolia
Aromapungent, fresh
Antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide, fungicide
Skin Care
Reduces itching, clears blemishes, used for minor burns, sores
Mental & Emotional 
Medical Properties 
athletes foot, supportive to immune system
may cause irritation on sensitive areas of skin


Latin NameLippia citriodora 
Aromaherbaceous, warm, floral 
Extraction Method 
Actionssedative, anti-inflammatory
Skin Careskin sensitizer
phototoxic; not recommended for massages


Latin NameVetiveria zizanoides 
Aromaearthy, heavy, smoky, touch of lemon, similar to patchouli
Mental & Emotionalgrounding, calming, stabilizing, aphrodisiac, sedative
Medical Propertiesantiseptic, good for dry and dehydrated skin; can be helpful with acne, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, cleanses the aura 

   Ylang Ylang

Latin NameCananga odorata
Aromasweet, soft, flowery, heavy
Mental & Emotionalcalming, relaxing, arousing, sedative, aphrodisiac
Medical Propertiesantiseptic, caution with sensitive s


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