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Please apologize the appearance ~ I am updating this site and add much more information to the individual essential oils. Therefore, you will see either a brief description of the oil underneath the name (below) or a link via the option of "click here" to a more detailed page on this site. On that page you will find

  • A photo of the plant
  • History of the essential oil
  • Production of the oil
  • Common Uses
  • Properties
  • Aroma
  • Application
  • Note, e.g. top note, base note, middle note (for more information about the Note, see Essential Oil Chemistry)
  • ORAC Score (for more information about the ORAC Score, see Essential Oil Chemistry)
  • Cautionary information
Information is taken from the Essential Oil Desk Reference, 4th Ed., (2007). Essential Science Publishing

Below is a selection of the essential oils that I frequently use in cream-making. The list is still limited but with time, I will add more information to it. 

Bergamot ~ click here for a detailed description of Bergamot

Carrot Seed ~ click here for a detailed description of Carrot Seed  

Cedarwood ~ click here for a detailed description of Cedarwood

Chamomile (Roman Chamomile) ~ click here for a detailed description of Chamomile

Citronella click here for a detailed description of Citronella

Cypress click here for a detailed description of Cypress

Frankincense click here for a detailed description of Frankincense

Geranium click here for a detailed description of Geranium

Latin NamePelargonium graveolense
Sweet, like rose but heavier and infused with mint, flowery
Mental & EmotionalUplifting, calming, rejuvenating, Releases negative memories               
Medical PropertiesGreat for oily skin, revitalizes body tissue, PMS


Latin Name
Citrus paradisi
Citrus, sweet, sharp
Mental & Emotional
Energizing, uplifting
Medical Properties         Supportive for acne & oily skin, cellulite, weight management, detoxification, migraine relie


Latin Name
Helichrysum italicum
AromaSweet, honey-like scent, herbaceous
Mental & Emotional
Medical Properties             Astringent, anti-bruise properties, anti-inflammatory, stimulant for liver, gall bladder, kidneys and spleen


Latin Name
Jasminum officinale
Warm, exotic, floral
Mental & Emotional
Relaxing, soothing, uplifting, aphrodisiac
Medical Properties         Anti-spasmodic, sedative, balances hormones, can be useful for labor pains when inhaled

Lavender ~ click here for a detail description of Lavender


Latin Name
Citrus limon
Citrus aroma, sharp
Mental & Emotional
Tonic, supportive of nervous system
Medical Properties                antiseptic, bacteriacide, emollient, maybe be used for cellulite, antacid, laxative, diuretic, may be useful for high blood pressure
avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after application


Latin NameCitrus aurantifolia
AromaCitrus aroma, sharp, spicy but sweet
Mental & EmotionalStimulating
Medical Properties

Disinfecting, detoxifying, used in men's fragrances 



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