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My name is Heike and I live in Brooklyn, NY. For many years I worked in Corporate America until I decided to quit my job to change my life around. I wanted something more meaningful and emotionally fulfilling. I studied Forensic Psychology (BA), have Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSW), and am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. Currently I am studying Kinesiology with the focus of relieving trauma from Body and Mind. 

Changing careers, living in uncertainty was extremely stressful for me yet I found that essential oils helped me to relax and let go of all the fears I was holding on to. Essential Oils became a staple part of my life. I use essential oils daily for different benefits. I rub them into the soles of my feet, into my wrists, neck, and wherever I feel I need them. 

A few years ago, I became interested in making my own body creams because I find that there are too many chemical ingredients in commercialized creams. So I set out and learned how to make my own body products and I incorporated the benefits of the essential oils. I now make products that are free of any additives or preservatives. Vitamin E is a natural preservative that I put in all my products. In addition, many essential oils have anti-bacterial properties thus eliminating the need for chemicals that prevent the product from going rancid or bad. A one-ounce cream lasts for about 1-2 months depending on usage. The shelf-life of a homemade cream is about 3 months. So, a new idea was born and from that point onward, I threw away my commercially bought body products and used my own. I give creams and scrubs away as gifts and I sell the products online as well as through word-of-mouth through my friends.

I  created my own brand under the name of Lavenora. Lavenora's philosophy is to celebrate life, well being, and living joyously. By using only natural ingredients Lavenora wants to inspire you to treat yourself with the utmost care so that you are feeling well and strong. Only if you are feeling well can you be productive and be of help to others. You are unique and so are the Lavenora products that are custom-made and homemade. 

Next to that, I am blogging on a weekly basis about Aromatherapy, homemade & natural Skin Care, and Wellness. My blog is called Mind & Body Works (formerly Naturally) in case you are interested in reading about various topics that I find online, in newspapers, or that I learned about.

I always will be available for questions & comments. Further, I would love if you would share your experiences with me and therefore with all the other readers. Post your questions under General Discussion under Resources

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